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:page_facing_up: About me

Software development enthusiast, technology lover and Agile defender.
Working on software development since 2009. Engineer, full stack developer.
Quick learner. Tech curious. I like challenges and learn new technologies.
Positive attitude. Continuous improvement.
I love coding and clean code, especially with Java and Python.
Linux Always.
Ex-federated basket player. Runner amateur. I go to the gym 2 times a week :v:. And also love food :sweat_smile:.

:books: Main Skills

:heavy_check_mark: Professional goals

:white_check_mark: Finish university degree with at least one honors degree
:white_check_mark: Be hired by the company where I did the internship
:white_check_mark: Move to Madrid as a promotion
:white_check_mark: Work as a software development consultant
:white_check_mark: Become a development team leader
:white_check_mark: Work abroad to help grow the team and business
:white_check_mark: Master’s degree in project management
:white_check_mark: Leave the company you have been working for 8 years to go to a much bigger company
:white_check_mark: Work for a consulting firm
:white_check_mark: Implement Agile in an uncoordinated team
:white_check_mark: Become tech lead in a team of more than 30 developers
:white_check_mark: Refactor a business project to make it maintainable and scalable
:white_check_mark: Work on b2c
:white_check_mark: Build a business project and a team from scratch
:black_square_button: Improve front-end skills
:black_square_button: Attend more software development events
:black_square_button: Have time to participate in open source projects
:black_square_button: Take time to write a blog
:black_square_button: Develop my own non-profit project
:black_square_button: Improve this website
:white_check_mark: Enjoy my job and feel lucky about it

:calling: Contact

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